Accessories for your soelov oven

Tested and Approved by AES

Auxiliary Power Cable For Soelov 100


This 6' long auxiliary cord allows total mobility & plugs directly into your 12 volt outlet.


*For Soelov 100 Only

10 Watt Solar Panel


 Add 10 watt solar panel for total off grid operation


*Our Solar Panel Includes Battery Clamps

Pot and Lid Set


Stainless Steel Pot with tempered glass lid that will fit in all models of the Soelov Product Line


12 a/h AGM Battery


 Add our smallest lightest AGM battery

Great for tossing in your RV for a pregame tailgate

 Includes cord and connector 


18 a/h AGM Battery


 Add Additional 18 a/h AGM Battery  

Perfect for longer cooking times and less bulk. Includes cord and connector


*Included With The Soelov 100 

35 a/h AGM Battery


 Add LARGER 35 a/h AGM Battery

 The All Day Battery made for any occasion. 

Includes cord and connector


 *Included With The Soelov 250

Versatile Beechwood Spoon


Professional grade spoon with spatula tip and 

attached cord for convenient hanging.


Instant Read Thermometer


Monitor the internal temperature of your food. 

A must have for safe cooking!