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The count down to  our upcoming NEXT GEN SOELOV 250 has begun. The  introduction to the NEW SOELOV 250 is really close. We had to push the date back just a bit. We are at the fine tuning stage and it has taken just a little longer than anticipated. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned !!!!

Spring time and better weather are here !

As the better weather approaches it's time to start thinking about getting outside and having fun. Although our Soelov hybrid design is built for year round use. It's really a blast to cook outdoors with it ! 


Our patent pending hybrid design opens up a whole new world of cooking.

The Soelov oven offers what could be the safest way to cook and warm food. Not only are there no open flames or poisonous gases, but the outside of the oven never gets hot. A great way to introduce kids to cooking. Indoors or outdoors the Soelov is always at the ready .

The Evolution Is Now!

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Innovative Solutions for a changing world

AES is leading the way in alternative energy cooking !


At Advanced Energy Systems we set out to create a sustainable, efficient, and flexible solar oven that can work day or night, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors. One AES Battery can replace over 50 disposable propane cylinders!

Cook On A Beautiful Sunny Day


The Soelov was designed from the start to be a stand alone solar cooker, So when the weather is nice and the sun is readily available, use your Soelov as a solar only oven.

No Sun? No Problem With The Soelov Cooking System!


The Hybrid Soelov will allow you to keep cooking regardless of available sunlight. Use the Soelov in total darkness.

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